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Ficus Lyrata also known as the fiddle leaf fig. It’s known for its large, fiddle shaped leaves that have beautiful deep veins. They have a striking appearance and are sure to be noticed in any room! It’s native to the tropical rainforests of west Africa. These plants can be a little finicky but once you find the right spot, they can thrive and be grow quickly. 


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Fiddle Leaf Figs like their soil to be moist, allow the top 2 inches of soil to dry out before watering. 

Light for Ficus Lyrata

They love bright indirect light with some full sun. Leaves can scorch in the harsh afternoon sun so an East facing window would be ideal. They also do very well with artificial grow lights. 

Ficus Lyrata


Fiddle leaf figs are tropical plants which means they love humidity! Try to keep the humidity between 40-60%


Ideal temperatures for this plant are between 15 and 24 degrees Celsius


Once monthly

Ficus Lyrata being held

Soil for Ficus Lyrata

They need a lot of drainage. Cactus mix is a good option for these however as they are not nutrient dense be prepared to fertilize! You can add in some compost to get some extra nutrients into the soil. 


Leaf Drop – Some of the figs are notorious for dropping their leaves, including the fiddle. A few reasons for this are overwatering, under watering, being placed in a drafty area, harsh direct sun, moving your fiddle around a lot. Once you find the right spot for your fiddle leaf fig, try not to move it! It’s worth spending a little time figuring out the best place for fiddles. They will thrive in the right location.

Root Rot – They like to remain moist but need an incredibly well draining soil as they are highly prone to root rot, providing enough drainage will limit the risk.

Spider Mites – Mites are drawn to dry conditions that are associated with such a well draining soil! Try to keep humidity up around your fiddle to deter mites. 

Misted Ficus Lyrata

Repotting Ficus Lyrata

Generally Fiddle Leaf Figs should be repotted every 1-2 years. 


You can propagate Ficus Lyrata in soil or water. Air layering is also a great option for fiddles. To propagate you will need a stem cutting. More on propagating and different methods here


Mildly toxic to humans and pets if ingested


Happy Gardening!

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