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Another common problem found in houseplants is leaf spot. We’ll discuss everything you need to know below!


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What is Leaf Spot and what does it do?

Leaf Spot or Brown Spot is a broad term used for a variety of different fungal and bacterial infections that affect plants leaves. 

They cause brown spots on the houseplant which can grow bigger and cause holes in your plants leaves. This is because the disease will eat away at leaf tissue. Eventually killing off your plant. Leaf spot is highly contagious and spreads quickly, so quarantine your plant at the first signs.

Why is it on my plant?

It often appears on houseplants in locations with high humidity and a lack of airflow. This is the perfect environment for the diseases thrive. 

How to Identify Leaf Spot

It forms spots on the leaves that are tan to brown or black. These can be round or angular. Holes often appear at the center of the spots. They may have yellow or red halos around the spots. They can also form raised bumps. 


Prune off heavily affected foliage.

Treat with a Neem Oil solution sprayed onto the foliage weekly until no more brown spot appear.

A Baking Soda solution is also commonly used to treat these diseases. 

Preventing Leaf Spot

One of the keys to preventing brown spot is to ensure good airflow. A gentle breeze from a fan or air conditioner will suffice. Don’t place plants directly in front of an air conditioning unit, this can also have a negative effect. Avoid wetting the foliage when watering. If you mist your plants or have a humidifier close by ensure the leaves do not remain wet for prolonged periods. 


Happy Gardening!

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