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The UAE summer can be brutal, and it can be tough on your indoor plants too. The heat and humidity can cause problems for your indoor plants and their care may require some tweaking. Here are a few tips to help them make a smooth transition into summer.

Keep the A/C Running

One of the best ways to help your indoor plants beat the heat is to keep your A/C running. However, you need to be careful not to place your plants in the direct line of vents. The cold air can damage the leaves and cause them to dry out too fast. Instead place your plants a few feet away from the vents, where they can still benefit from air circulation and cool air.

Provide some Air Circulation

If you don’t run your A/C during summer, you can also provide some air circulation with fans. Fans work great to provide air flow for your plants.

In the UAE summers if your plants are kept in such high humidity without any form of air circulation, they will certainly suffer with some form of fungal problem.

Adjust Watering Frequency

If you have a watering schedule it may be time to re-assess as the conditions inside your home change over the summer.

If you’re running your A/C your plants may need more frequent watering, the extra sunlight and dry air can cause your plants soil to dry out faster.

If you are using fans your plants may need less frequent watering, the heat and humidity can keep the soil moist for longer, so you don’t need to water your plants as often.

Check your plants soil moisture regularly to establish a summer watering schedule.

Move plants away from windows

If your plants are getting direct sunlight through windows, the leaves may burn in the intense sun. To prevent this, move any plants susceptible to burn away from the windows during the summer months. You can also use net curtains to filter the sunlight and protect your plants.

In Conclusion

With these simple tips, you can help your indoor plants beat the heat this summer! With a little bit of care and attention, your indoor plants can survive and even thrive in the hot and humid UAE summer.

Happy Gardening!

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