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Pests can be a nuisance even with indoor plants! Here’s a quick quide to help you identify which types of pest you may have. 

Pests happen! It’s just a part of gardening, indoor or out. This guide can help you to familiarize yourself with the different types of common pests, knowing what to watch out for can help you to identify them early.

| Mealybugs | Scale | Spider Mites | Aphids | Fungus Gnats | Thrips | Whitefly |


Mealybugs measure between 3-6mm and can be seen with the naked eye. They appear as cottony nests and like to hide when the leaf meets the stem and under the leaves. Find out more about mealies here


Scale can range anywhere from less than 1mm and more than 6mm! Often reddish brown or white in color. They have a hard shell and doesn’t fall off easily if you try to remove it. Find out more about Scale here

Spider Mites

Spider mites are tiny measuring in at no more than 1.25mm so they can be difficult to spot. They often go unnoticed until they multiply and their characteristic web appears. Find out more about Spider Mites here


Aphids range between 1-7mm and can be black, brown, yellow, red or green. They can be difficult to spot, they produce a honeydew which means the leaves will be sticky to touch. Ants are known to farm aphids so watch out for ants climbing around your plants. Find out more about Aphids here

Fungus Gnats

Fungus Gnats are more of an annoyance than anything! They range between 2-3mm and are dark bodies. They can be spotted flying around your plants, they may also be seen crawling on top of the soil of the affected plant. Find out more about Fungus Gnats here


Thrips can are another hard to spot insect. They are small and slender and range from 0.5-2mm in length.  The characteristic silvery streak on leaves is often the first sign observed as they are hard to see.Depending on the color they may be seen crawling around the leaves. Find out more about Thrips here


Whiteflies are more closely related to aphids and mealybugs than they are actual flies! They range in size from 1-2mm and have a moth like resemblance. When a plant with whiteflies is disturbed, they can be seen flying away from the plant. Find out more about Whiteflies here


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