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Nursery pots, although sometimes considered unsightly, are very useful for caring for your indoor plants. In this article we are going to look at some reasons why!

First off, let’s talk about pots.

Nursery pots are the light plastic pots that your new houseplant has likely come home in. They have lots of drainage holes.

Decorative pots and Cache pots have either a small drainage hole or none at all. 

Cache pots are designed to conceal the pot that your plant is in.

Why we love nursery pots!


The number one reason houseplants die is overwatering! So it is no surprise that the first reason is that they allow for more efficient watering! When watering, excess water can easily drain from the holes. Houseplants, though they need water to survive also need the soil to contain air so the roots can breathe. Sitting in too much water leads to root rot and root rot is never good news! With nursery pots and all that wonderful drainage it is pretty much impossible to overwater your plants. By using them we can easily remove the excess water after watering ensuring the plant does not become waterlogged. 

Check Plant Health

Another benefit of all of these drainage holes is it allows you to easily check the bottom of the plant. So why does it matter? Well firstly the moisture level is not always equal, so your plant may be looking moist on top and can be soggy on the bottom which can leave you wondering why your plant is dying! Secondly you can check your plant for root growth. When the roots begin to grow out of the bottom of the pot it may be time to consider repotting. 


Fertilizer and minerals from water can build up in the soil, this can affect plant health and the quality of the soil.  It is good to occasionally flush out your plants to prevent damaging buildup. Nursery pots make this task a breeze!

They can still look good!

By keeping your plants in nursery pots which are inexpensive and easy to find you can easily keep them inside your decorative and cache pots!

Pros of keeping your plants in nursery pots

  • Allows more efficient watering
  • More drainage holes
  • Allows you to easily check the bottom of the plant
  • Allows for flushing of fertilizer build up 
  • Can be placed inside decorative pots
  • Allows you to change decorative pot as often as you would like!

Now I am not saying that it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep your plants in decorative or cache pots alone, but for the novice indoor gardener you will have a far better chance of success with nursery pots.

Don’t forget that Green Thumbs take time to cultivate.

Happy Gardening!


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